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Herbs and Incense meanings

Herbs and incense are often used in spell casting, to improve the power of the spell and the intention. Herbs can be dried (i get mine from the supermarket) and incense can be picked up over the internet or the ingredients to make your own are available on ebay (as well as other sites).

If you choose to collect wild herbs to use, you can either use them straight away as fresh herbs, or you can dry them yourself. This will preserve them so they can be used at any future time when needed. It’s very easy to dry herbs, and there are several methods, but here are the two I’ve found the easiest.

Spread the herbs out on a backing tray and put into a warm oven until dry and crisp. This only takes a few minutes so keep a close eye on them! You can then store them as they are, or crumble them into a herb dust to sprinkle when you use them.

If you have an airing cupboard or a boiler cupboard you can use this method. Gather your collected herbs into small bundles and tie them at the base. Hang these bundles in your warm cupboard and just leave them to dry. This can take anything between 2 days and 3 weeks to dry the herbs, so don’t forget about them!

ACACIA - secret love, optimism, friendship, the sun, air element

ADAM & EVE ROOTS - Love, marriage, proposals, fidelity, Earth element (works well in charm bags)

AGRIMONY - Protection, peaceful sleep, returning negativity to sender/reversal spells, air element

ALLSPICE - money, luck, healing, passion, fertility, fire element

ALDER - Prosperity, security, stability, moving home, water & fire elements

ALMOND/ALMOND BLOSSOM - Abundance, prosperity, fertility, limitless love, air element

ANEMONE - finding lost love, keeping secrets, secret love & admirers, fire element

ANGELICA - Banishes hostility, protection (esp. for children & the home), healing, brings energy, health, long life, fire element

ANISE - Reduces fears, air element

APPLE/APPLE BLOSSOM - Fertility, good luck & fortune, abundance, health, love, long life, the birth of boys, water element

ASH - Travel (esp. by sea), courage, healing, strength, prosperity, expanding your horizons, creating poetry and inspired writing, fire element

BALM OF GILEAD - Love (when carried as a love amulet), brings visions of other dimensions, spirits and planes of existence, protection and healing, water element

BAMBOO - Protection (esp. household boundaries), good luck, money spells, water element

BASIL - Love, protection against intruders, accidents & attacks, courage, wealth, fidelity, fertility, astral travel, use to conquer fear of flying, road rage, attracts money, brings luck to new homes, good for moving house, fire element

BAY LEAF - Protection, psychic powers, healing, purification, strength, marriage, fertility, fidelity, prosperity, preservation of family & home, fire element

BERGAMOT – Successful property deals, overcoming addictions, fear, destructive relationships, new love, brings opportunities, communication, persuasiveness, attracts money, air element

BIRCH – cleansing, health, new beginnings, protects young children and animals

BLADDERWRACK (KELP/SEAWEED) – protects against accidents & illness, esp. at sea, sea rituals, wind rituals, brings action after stagnation, attracts money to the home, wishes, water element

BLUEBELL – constancy, faithfulness, understanding in relationships, good luck and truth, water/earth elements

CARAWAY SEED – Protects property against theft or damage, passion, health, improving mental powers, good in charm bags, air element

CARNATION - fire element
RED – passion, calling absent love
PINK – acceptance into a group
WHITE – maternal love, love in later years, truth
YELLOW – anti-spite, protects against criticism

CATNIP – Cat magic, love, beauty, happiness, fertility, water element

CEDAR – Healing, purification, money, protecting tools and special artifacts, good luck, fidelity in love, mature relationships, air/fire elements

CELERY SEED – Potency, money, protection, bringing travel and adventure, good in charm bags, water element

CHAMOMILE – affection, gentle love, increases self-love (esp. after abuse), increases self-esteem, restores confidence, fertility, good for any spell for children, babies and families, family happiness, mending quarrels, anti-anger & anti-malice, attracts money & prizes, lessens obsessions & addictions, heals sorrow, water element

CHERRY/CHERRY BLOSSOM – New love, fertility, increasing psychic powers, water element

CINNAMON – success, healing, powers & psychic powers, money, passionate love, fire element

CLOVE – protection, banishing negativity, love, money, healing, fire element

CORIANDER – love, health, healing, passion, ensures clarity of thought and brings creativity, optimism, seeds protect property, fire element

CHRYSANTHEMUM - air/fire element
BROWN – Animal magic and animal healing
RED – Passion, marriage and motherhood
YELLOW – ending relationships
WHITE – truth and everlasting love

CUMIN – protection, esp. for homes, property and cars (seeds), fidelity, returning malice to sender, air element

DAFFODIL – forgiveness, finding and keeping one true love, fertility and good luck, air/water element

DILL – keeping home, loved ones and land safe from those who have envy in their hearts or other enemies, money and money spells, passion, luck, air and earth elements

ELDER – Increases clairvoyance, overcoming negativity, for all mature spirit magic, healing, good for older women, Goddess magic, water element

EUCALYPTUS – Overcoming obstacles and misunderstandings, cleansing, banishing negativity, offers physical and psychic protection, moves long-standing problems towards resolution (so good for court cases & on-going disputes with neighbors, family members, etc), luck in tests and exams, health, healing, job opportunities and travel, water element

FENNEL – All forms of travel, holidays, relocation, journeys, courage, house moves, protection, healing, brings together people or situations that are pulling in opposite directions, strength, perseverance, desire to win, diminishes jealousy and possessiveness, hidden enemies disarmed, air/fire element

FERN – Rain making, protection, luck, riches, finding hidden treasure, restoring youth, health, air element

FRANKINCENSE – ambition, authority, expansion of business interests, travel, confidence, creative ventures, leadership, promotion, employment, prosperity, contact with other existences, and an all-purpose incense for ritual magic, healing and protection. Fire element
GARLIC – Health, psychic protection (esp. against unfriendly spirits) calling the wise ancestors, passion, bringing security from thieves, attracting money, domestic protection, fire element

GERANIUM – happiness, friendship, growing love, bringing and restoring harmony to the home or workplace, healing cold feelings and indifference, self-doubt, fear of failure or inadequacy, guilt trips, over-critical people, deters intruders, fertility, good health, attracts good news and welcome visitors, earth element

GINGER – exploration, energy, health, brings or renews passion and love, all money-making enterprises, travel, originality and innovation, adds speed or a sense of urgency to anything, excitement, “spices up life”, fire element

HAWTHORN BERRIES – fertility, banishing harm, fertility, marriage, general happiness, good luck, protection, anti-bad weather & storms, courage, winter magic, good for charm bags, fire element

HAZEL – wisdom, justice, success of all official matters, good luck, fertility, knowledge & inspiration, psychic powers, use nuts in charm bags, air element

HEATHER – earth element
PINK – good luck
PURPLE – faithfulness forever, money and gambling
WHITE – granting of wishes, esp. if found growing wild

Money, success, protection against psychic attack or ill wishers, depression, good in charm bags, fire element

HONEYSUCKLE – commitment in love, babies, growth of wealth and career, opportunity, good luck, psychic powers, earth element

HYACINTH – regaining lost love, overcoming opposition to love, new beginnings, water element

IRIS – clear communication, receiving news, reconciliation, love after loss, remembrance, air element

Marriage, fidelity, committed relationships, overcoming possessiveness or emotional blackmail, restoring lost love or after betrayal, earth element

JASMINE – attracts love, increases passion, secret love, making dreams come true, discovering the identity of a secret admirer, enhances male potency and female fertility, peace, enchanced psychic powers, deflects potential hostility and unwanted influences, emotional vampires or those who drain finances, increases self-love & personal radiance, melts emotional blockages & fears, good for all night and moon rituals, water element

JUNIPER BERRY – banishing negativity, increases male potency, new beginnings, money, luck, to purify homes and protect against accidents, thieves and illness, justice, fire element

LAVENDER – sleep, peace, calmness and serenity, dreams, protection, long life, health, purification, happiness, gentleness in love, friendship, mending quarrels, money, luck, love, romance, animal magic, family happiness, kindness, attracts lasting faithful love, deterring bullies, very good for healing and health spells, air element

LEMON – night magic, purification, new beginnings, overcoming obstacles, removing addictions, destructive ties from the past, good luck, prosperity, travel, house moves, energy, water element

LEMON BALM – increases the abundance of all good things in your life, reverses bad luck, grants wishes, draws love, promises long life, water element

LEMONGRASS – repels spite, bad neighbors, increases passion, banish sad memories & past failures, removes stagnation, helps you or another to move forward with life, attracts unexpected money or resources, air element

LILAC – domestic happiness, brings you the home you want, encourages and blesses permanent relationships, frives away unfriendly spirits, removes malevolence from the home, water element

LILY – encourages spiritual powers, brings and keep happy marriage and permanent relationships, great for mothers and mothering spells, solving mysteries and crimes, anti-ghosts, purification, water element

return happiness, pregnancy, first love, gentle love, improves memory and focus, fairy magic, air element

MAGNOLIA – beauty, sensuality, love of nature, nobility and idealism, fidelity and lasting love, earth element

MARIGOLD – protections, prophetic dreams, legal matters, increases psychic powers, growing love, marriage, money, fire element

MINT – money, love, increasing sexual desire, healing, banishing, malevolence, travel, protection whilst travelling, against road rage and accidents, refreshing, air element

MYRRH – protection, banishing negativity, healing, spirituality; use to begin again after a difficult loss, excellent for post-redundancy and retirement spells, for those who work in alternative therapies, spells against prejudice or war, all blessings, water element

NETTLE – the ultimate herbs of protection of the home and family, banishing negativity, for healing, passion, good in protective mixes, charms and bags, fire element

OLIVE – peace, mending of quarrels, forgiveness (eps, of our own mistakes) abundance, healing, fertility, fire element

ORANGE – marriage, fertility, abundance, health, passion, luck and money, developing creative talents, personal fulfillment, success, fire element

ORRIS ROOT – love, protection, divination, positive change, prosperity, good as a fixative, water element

PARSLEY – passion, physical, emotional and psychic protection, anti-bullying, divination, purification, good luck, abundance, removes bad luck, air element

PATCHOULI – fragrance of the Earth and Earth energies, attracts money and money-making opportunities, healing the environment, stability to business ventures, use for spells for sacred or committed sexual relationships and for physical strength, earth element

PEPPERMINT – purification, energy, love, healing, increases psychic powers, cleansing and stirring of fresh energies, protection, banishing spells, attracts good fortune & money, increases passion, improves mental acuity, use to see through con artists, fraudsters and illusion, air/fire elements

PINE – healing, fertility, returns hostility to sender, drives away all harm, resist psychic attack, purifies just about anything, good against liars, uncovers truth, (esp. truths about baby matters, birth or new beginnings), inspiration and illumination, fame, courage and prosperity, air/earth element

POPPY – peace, pleasure, increasing imaginative and creative gifts, quiet sleep, remembering ancestors, water element

ROSE – The ultimate love herb for all matters to do with love, passion, sexual and sensuality and relationships. Also very good for spells involving the elderly, the classic or ancestors. Water element
RED – love forever, commitment in love and fidelity, health
PINK – feminine, gentle love
WHITE – secrets, secret love
YELLOW – repels jealousy, brings and older love or love in later years
WILD ROSE/DOG ROSE – identifying a secret admirer, holiday or long-distance romance

ROSEMARY – bringing lovers together, passion, mental powers, memory, concentration, good for tests and exams, learning new things, justice, career success, banishing negativity, purification, healing, sleep, preserves youthfulness, money, good luck, fire element

SAGE – protection, long life, good health, wisdom, granting wishes, improves memory, justice, prosperity, leadership, anti-bullying, career success, healing, renovation, acquiring knowledge, air element

SANDALWOOD – protection, healing, spirituality, contact with guardian angels, passion, wealth, enhances sexual magnetism, commitment in love, deflects anger, criticism and spiteful words, enhances self-esteem and positive body image, water/air element

TARRAGON – associatd with dragons and serpent Goddesses, courage, new beginnings, shedding the redundant, prosperity, career, regeneration, focus, air/fire element

THYME – health, healing, prophetic dreams, overcomes misfortune, luck, increases psychic powers, improves memory, purification, cleansing, courage, long-term prosperity, drives away fear and danger, anti-bullying, luck tests and exams, water element

VANILLA – love, passion, mental powers, fidelity, marriage vows and renewal of vows, money, wellbeing, health and harmony, preserving youthfulness, water element
VIOLET – restoring trust, fulfilling modest ambitions, keeping secrets and secret love, use in charm bags or infusions with sugar for love, water element

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